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Archery Programs

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Our Range

We have 3-D silhouette targets situated throughout our 132 acres as well as  practice targets.  We do not allow broadhead arrows on our archery range.

The Archery Sight-in Range is at the split where the main entrance road diverts into two roads leading to Shotgun and Rifle/Pistol ranges. Our active ranges are identified by numbered lane markers with a visible target and classification stakes along each lane. We have posted at the Outdoor Range bulletin board where the currently active lanes are located.

When are they open?

The Archery Range hours follow the Outdoor Rifle/Pistol range hours.

Where do I park?

There are a few parking spaces at the Archery Sight-in Range, but ample parking available at the Outdoor Range. Always sign-in at the Outdoor Range clubhouse prior to using any facility.

What equipment do I need?

Targets are provided. There is no rental or loaner archery equipment available.

Who may shoot?
Qualified members and guests of members may enjoy all of the archery ranges. Guests must follow the same procedure as with all CRPC facilities.

Do I have to be checked out or qualify?

All members must attend the Archery Qualification class. Please preregister via the Events Calendar.  Event Registration


Once you have completed Archery Familiarization, you are eligible to enjoy the ranges. If you are uncomfortable with the sport or need instruction, please email the director at and we will offer you several options for training and development.

I'm interested.  How do I get more information?  How do I start?
Please see  3D Archery Explained


Register for an upcoming class or email the program director.

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