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Rifle Outdoor Ranges
Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club’s Outdoor Ranges have one of the most comprehensive rifle facilities in the area. Our Rifle Range extends to 300 yards and can accommodate more than 35 shooters, with range options from 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards. In addition to target stands, the Range has iron plates at the 300-yard mark. The Range provides benches as well as space for prone, kneeling and standing positions. Our Rifle Sight-In Range has target stands that can be placed up to 70 yards from the firing line. The Rifle and the Sight-In Range limit cartridges to .50 BMG or less.

Use of the Rifle Range
The Rifle Range is open to all CRPC members and guests. We strongly encourage host members review safety rules with guests before they arrive for shooting. All Rules are conveniently posted at the Range for further review, or by clicking on the following link: Range Rules.

Members who are not rifle qualified and all guests must be supervised while they shoot. This requires personal monitoring by a member who is rifle qualified. To ensure complete safety, the rifle-qualified member is prohibited from shooting while supervising a non-qualified shooter. The supervision is one-to-one. If more than one guest/non-qualified member is present, only one may fire per rifle-qualified supervisor. All non-qualified members and guests are prohibited from firing while the qualified member shoots.

Rifle Qualification
For more information on the Rifle Qualification process, please click on the "Rifle Qualification" link on the left-hand side of this page.

Rifle Certification
Any semiautomatic centerfire rifle with a detachable magazine must be certified as being semiautomatic only. To certify a rifle, contact a Range Safety Officer and request certification. The Safety Officer will instruct the member on the process, which usually involves firing no less than five magazine-fed rounds into the Sight-In Range’s backstop to test the rifle’s action. Once a rifle is certified, the member will be provided a certification card with make, model and serial number. The member is responsible for presenting the card to any Range Safety Officer or any Club officer upon request when using that firearm. 

Prohibited Firearms/Accessories
As throughout the Club, the Rifle Range and its Range Safety Officers help promote a safe, fun shooting experience. The Range can accommodate rifles from rimfire up to .50BMG. However, for safety concerns, several specific firearms and/or accessories are not allowed: 

     •  No handgun or shotgun firing from the Rifle Range.
     •  No fully automatic rifles (including semiautomatic rifles equipped with slide-fire or bump-fire stocks/accessories).
     •  No tracer/incendiary ammunition

Possessing/using any other Class III firearm (suppressors, short-barreled rifles, etc.) must meet all BATFE and local laws and regulations.

Rifle Range Programs
The Club hosts a number of programs and events at the Rifle Range. All events are designed to accommodate shooter experience from Beginner to Expert Marksman; we welcome all to participate. Many programs and events are open to the public. We encourage you to review the programs, listed below and on the calendar, to learn more and sign up.

Rifle events supported by Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club include:

     •  Buffalo Match
•  Cast Bullet
      •  Historic Rifle
      •  Junior Air Rifle
      •  Long-Range Rifle
      •  Military Rifle
      •  NRA High Power Rifle
      •  Project Appleseed
      •  Rifle Familiarization & Qualification
      •  Rifle Instruction & Supervision
      •  Rimfire
      •  Silhouette

We are very grateful for generous grant support from The NRA Foundation which supported steel targets for our Rifle and Multi-Purpose Ranges.

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