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Action Shooting Facility (ASF)

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The Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club’s Action Shooting Facility (ASF) was developed as a location where Members and Guests can do all types of shooting with all platforms and calibers of firearms, from plinking with rimfire calibers to patterning shotguns to action shooting. The ASF Bays are also ideal for events, classes, and matches such as IDPA, USPSA, 3 Gun, and many others.

Each of the three (3) ASF Bays is approximately 20 yards wide and 26 yards long and features side and rear berms each at a height of 21 feet. There is an aluminum shelter within each Bay that is 18 feet wide by 21 feet long and has two (2) ceiling fans, three (3) power outlets, and two (2) picnic tables for shooter comfort and convenience.

Come out and enjoy the ASF by yourself, with a group, or as part of an event, class, or match and you’ll be guaranteed to call the ASF your new favorite facility at CRPC!

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