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Membership Joining Process



The application can be found on the Club's website at Select the [MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION] tab, then click on "Join the Club" and then “Member Application” to proceed through the online application.

Please note: The online application is only available on the Public side of the website.


After you register online, the system will prompt the Membership Chairman to send you an email with our Virtual Orientation, which tells about the Club's history, mission, general rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and range safety rules. 


After viewing the Virtual Orientation, you will receive an invitation to an Orientation meeting at the Outdoor Range. The meeting includes a range tour, a review of the conditional member process, a discussion of our mentoring program and collection of the Joining Fees. At that time you will also be given your Conditional Membership Badge and may begin using the club facilities to move through the Conditional Member process.


Each applicant will be required to pass a background check in order to join the club. $40 of the Joining Fees is used to cover the Club's cost to have a background check completed by an independent agency. Due to the complexity of some background checks, the actual cost can exceed $40. The applicant will be billed for any amount in excess of $40. CRPC conditional members will not receive a club card until this overage is paid in full.


After attending the Orientation Meeting, the Board of Directors will officially vote each applicant in at the next board meeting. Upon being approved for membership by the CRPC Board, the applicant becomes a CRPC member in a conditional status.  While in conditional status you may bring guests but they cannot shoot, and until you have successfully passed range safety/shooting qualifications you may not shoot on CRPC Ranges without supervision.


A new member remains in a conditional status for a minimum of 6 calendar months and must complete the following requirements and have them signed off on your tracking sheet to become a permanent member:

  • Meet with an assigned Mentor to shoot and go over safety protocols and any questions you may have
  • Participate in twelve hours of volunteer labor that benefits the Club.
  • Have recorded two hours of shadowing a Range Safety Officer at the Outdoor Range
  • Have 6 supervised shooting sessions where a full club member witnessed you safely handling and shooting firearms.
  • Incur no violations of Club rules, regulations, policies or procedures.

After a minimum of 6 months have elapsed, with the successful completion of all conditional member requirements and the transmittal of the evidences to the Club Secretary, the Secretary will deliver a permanent CRPC identity badge and you will become a General Member in good standing. 

A Word About Safety Qualifications


Required classroom presentations address safety, safe gun handling, rules, and range etiquette. There are shooting qualifications to ensure that you not only know the rules, but that you also have the skills, and the mindset, to be a safe shooter.

RIFLE QUALIFICATION: This safety qualification consists of 3 steps: (1) a classroom lecture; (2) learning how to sight-in your rifle on the Sight-In Range; and (3) a 100-yard shooting qualification. 

HANDGUN QUALIFICATION: This safety qualification consists of a 4-step process: (1) a classroom segment; (2) a shooting evaluation on the Indoor/Outdoor Range firing line; (3) Conditional Member Practice (CMP); and (4) a shooting qualification.

SHOTGUN QUALIFICATION: Members must attend classroom training and pass a shooting qualification.

STEEL QUALIFICATION: In order to shoot at the steel targets on the Multi-Purpose Range you must attend a safety briefing.

ARCHERY QUALIFICATION: To shoot a bow on the Archery Ranges you must attend a safety briefing.


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