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Paper Silhouette Match Outline

For those who have a .22 rimfire rifle and an desire to shoot exotic animals with it, we have the Silhouette Match.  Contestants shoot at prairie chickens, wild boar, wild turkeys and mountain sheep. This match offers fun targets and good sport for all, regardless of skill level or experience. This is an easy way to start shooting competitively. Equipment requirements are minimal and the equipment is inexpensive.

Target distances vary from 15 to 25 yards. Each contestant will get one shot at each of ten targets in each category. Any shot touching a silhouette is scored as a hit. Any shot touching the white dot in the center of the target is scored as an X. The best score is a 40 – 40X.
Any .22 rimfire rifle will do. Iron sights are fine, but scopes are also welcome. There is also a  class for bench rest pistols.  Contestants shooting rifles should bring a mat for shooting from the prone position.
For more information, contact Joe Rybensky:

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